Congress on Sport Psychology

Trip inside the human body

Barletta (Italy)

Palazzo della Marra, Feb. 25-27, 2016


University of Bari Aldo Moro

Organizing Commettee

Antonio Ernesto

Nicola Curci

Valerio Genovese

Luca Guerra – Press Office

Gianmichele Laquale

Lucia Monacis

Maria Sinatra

Scientific Commettee

Tiziano Agostini

Nicola Curci

Santo Di Nuovo

Fabio Lucidi

Lucia Monacis

Maria Sinatra


Main tracks:

  1. Ethics in sport
  2. Sport career transition and sport career termination
  3. Mental training and sport performance
  4. History of Sport Psychology
  5. Equilibrium, beauty, and well-being
  6. Sport involvement through the lifespan
  7. Neurophysiology and biomechanics of motor skills
  8. Sports law


January 27-2016




Thursday 25 February 2016

15.00 – Welcome and Introduction
Fabio Lucidi (University of Rome “La Sapienza” and President of A.I.P. – Italian Association of Psychology)
Felice Mariani (Montreal Olimpic Games 1976, Trainer of the Italian NationalTeam of Judo)
Gennaro Cirillo (Olympic athlete of canoe and ambassador of National Observatory on bullying and doping)
Elio Sannicandro (Regional President of C.O.N.I. – Italian National Olimpic Committee)
Francesco Schittulli (President of LILT – Italian League against Cancer)
Giancarlo Tanucci (University of Bari)

Lectio magistralis
Piero Di Giovanni (University of Palermo): The social function of sport in the Classical age


17.00 – I session: History of Sport Psychology
N. Curci (University of Bari): Carl Diem: the pioneer of sportspersonship
C. Ferrandes (University of Bari): Mental and physical exercise in the idéologues

Friday 26 February 2016

 9.00 – II session: Neurophysiology and biomechanics of motor skills
T. Agostini (University of Trieste): Acoustic and visual information in penalties
S. Di Nuovo (University of Catania): Mental imagery and sport: experimental evidence
M.Guicciardi (University of Cagliari): Exercise and Type 2 diabetes: scientific findings and professional recommendations

(coffee break)

11.00 – III session: Sport involvement through the lifespan
R. Brandt (University of Potsdam), Social Cognition Views on Motivation in Sport Context
F. Lucidi (University of Rome): Social Cognitive Mechanisms regulating doping intention and use: research and intervention
A. Petroczi (Kingston University of London): Sport & Doping
A. Zelli (University of Rome): Moment-to-moment Appraisals of Hypothetical Solicitations of Doping Use: A Research Tale from Individual Sports to Team Sports
V. de Palo, S. Miceli, L. Monacis, M. Sinatra, G. Tanucci (Universities of Bari and Palermo): Self control and aggressiveness: differences in individual/team and contact/non contact sport

15.00 – IV session: Equilibrium, beauty and well-being
F. Battista, T. Lanciano, E. Soleti, A. Curci (University of Bari): Swimming in thoughts… a study on rumination in agonist swimmers
V. Luccarelli, E. Soleti, T. Lanciano, A. Curci (University of Bari): Emotions on tatami: a study about coaches
A. Simone, L. Picucci, A.O. Caffò, A. Bosco (University of Bari): Motivational aspects in sport practice. The role of age and competitivness
L. Monacis, V. de Palo, L. Carlucci, A. Saggino, N. Curci (Universities of Bari and Chieti): Assessment and antecedents of sportspersonship in the Italian context

Round table: Sport and wellbeing
G. Laquale (University of Bari; chairman)
D. Accettura (Italian Federation of Sport Medecine),
F. Bellino (University of Bari),
P. Chianura (Psychoterapy Institute “Metafora”, Bari-Roma)
A. Antefermo (University of Bari)